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Botany Painting Workshop

Discover Your Passion Through Skill and Practice
What is important is not sense, but skill. Through repeated experience, you discover your passion. In our approximately 3-hour workshop, you will learn the basics of Botany Painting, including how to arrange and affix plants and master coloring techniques. The founder will personally demonstrate these techniques, and an interpreter will also be present in the class, ensuring you can enjoy the course with ease.
Time to Connect with Natural Plants - #1


Time to Connect with Natural Plants

Workshop Course Content

Workshop Schedule
### Meeting time: 12:30 AM 1. Create artwork on a circular panel. - Those who finish can leave whenever they like. - You can get assistance from an instructor. - Scheduled End Time: 4:00 PM ### [For Instructor Course] **Meeting time: 10:00 AM** 1. Learn the basics of Botany Painting (theoretical instruction). 2. Experience in laying out and fixing plants (practical work). 3. Learn how to use paint and paint colors (practice). **Lunch Break: 1 hour. Enjoy your lunch break.** - Please prepare your own lunch, and you can go out. **Afternoon Start Time: 1:00 PM** 4. Create... Read More
From Registration to Participation
1. Select your desired date and register by clicking the "Join Workshop" button at the bottom of this page. 2. We will send you the necessary art materials before the workshop begins. Please ensure you receive them. - Due to customs duties, additional taxes may apply if course fees are included in the invoice. Therefore, we will prepare an invoice for the materials cost only. Please ensure there is no misunderstanding at the time of receipt. 3. Please bring the art materials with you on the day and enjoy the workshop. 4. If you are interested in obtaining a teaching qualification, please participate in the technical exam the following day.
For Those Interested in Instructor Certification
For those aspiring to become certified instructors, you will take a technical exam the day after the workshop. If you pass the exam, you will be able to conduct your own workshops and exhibit and sell your artwork. **Meeting Time: 11:00** 1. Arrange and color lotus leaves and Indian Bodhi tree leaves on a connected wooden panel measuring 41 cm x 82 cm. 2. At 15:00, we will photograph your work for evaluation. 3. At 15:30, results will be announced. - Those who do not pass may retake the exam or attend supplementary lessons to progress towards passing. - The decision of pass or fail... Read More
#### Date and Time - Thursday, July 26, 2024, 12:30 AM - 4:00 PM - Saturday, July 27, 2024, 12:30 AM - 4:00 PM - Sunday, July 28, 2024, 12:30 AM - 4:00 PM - Monday, July 29, 2024, 12:30 AM - 4:00 PM *Limited to about 12 people* #### Venue New York Meeting Room Near 318 W St, New York, NY 10018 Details will be announced later. Venue is subject to change. #### Cost **Workshop only**: $180 (includes shipping of art materials and course fee) **Workshop & Technical Test**: $1420 (includes shipping of art materials and course fee) #### How to Register Please select your preferred date... Read More
About this spaceAbout this space

About this space

Made in Japan

Made in Japan

The natural plants are processed in Japan. Additionally, the wooden panels and other art materials are also manufactured in Japan. After you register for the workshop, we will ship the following art materials:
1. Four lotus leaves. 2. Eight Indian Bodhi tree leaves. 3. 40 cm round wooden panel made in Japan. **Free to use at the venue:** 1. Paints 2. Gold and silver paints 3. Paper palette 4. Sponge *Please note that the items may differ from those shown in the photos, but they will be suitable for the workshop.*
The difference between the workshop and the online course is that the online course includes a set of art materials for watching the videos and learning at home, as well as shipping preparation and shipping costs

Important Notices

*1) The course requires a device connected to the Internet, with which youcan watch our YouTube videos.The cost for device and Internet connection should be borne by the student. *2)Since the leaves used are natural, please make sure to open the package just after delivery in order to prevent mold. *3)Please note we cannot replace the materials if mold grows on them after the expiration date. *4)Since the leaves are natural, we cannot replace them for reasons of size, color, shape, scratches, or dirt. (They are inspected before shipping, but variations are not avoidable with natural materials.We appreciate your understanding.) *5)Ordinary materials and tools are used, but please make sure to provide ventilation. *6)Store and use the materials and tools out of reach of children for safety. *7)If you need additional paint, you can purchase similar materials at artist supply shops. *8)The adhesive solvent and fixer solvent are special solvents, so you have to order them from us if you need more. *9)Please do not sell the works you make during this course. *10)Do not provide a lecture using the materials and tools delivered for this course. *11)Please refrain from transferring or selling the materials and tools delivered for this course. *12)Minors cannot apply for this course. *13)Any people involved in a similar course of lectures using natural leaves cannot apply for this course. *14)Please take responsibility for the actions you perform in this course.We do not bear any responsibility for any accident or damage during the course. *15)If there are too many applicants, we may stop inviting new students before the specified due date. *16)“ボタニー” (Botany)and “ボタニーペインティング” (Botany painting) are registered trademarks of ENTREZ SANS FRAPPER. (Revised on Friday 1, 2020)

Intellectual property

All contents of this course and this web site are the property of ENTREZ SANS FRAPPER, which are protected as copyright and other intellectual property rights.It is not allowed to copy, re-send, deliver, sell, distribute, publish, broadcast, circulate, commercially use, change, or alter any part of the home-study course by any means, unless ENTREZ SANS FRAPPER expressly approves in writing.It is not allowed to use any contents and information related to this course and this web site for any illegal purpose.

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Business operator/ Representative of NTREZ SANS FRAPPER: Mitsutoshi Sugimoto 24-3, Tsukaharashinden, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture 411-0016 e-mail Tel 055-983-3361 Due date for signing up is described on the Sign up button.