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About Certified Instructors and Examinations

If you pass the online course exam, you can become an instructor, allowing you to exhibit your work and teach art at markets. Adding botanical art to your existing skills will lead to new opportunities and bring together people who share a love for art. You can also teach art online as a form of therapy. Botany Painting is full of opportunities!
Opportunities for Instructors

Opportunities for Instructors

- Purchase art materials at instructor prices. - Exhibit and sell your artwork. - Host workshops. - Conduct small-size workshops. - Organize online courses via platforms like Zoom. - Collaborate on projects that combine art with therapy. *You can freely organize these activities at home, in cafes, or other venues. Instructors are free to set their own course prices. There are no registration fees or annual memberships required.*
To Take the Instructor Certification Exam
To be eligible for the certification exam, you must have completed one of the following courses: 1. Workshop 2. Online Course *Only courses registered through in the United States are eligible. **Participating in Instructor Course of Face-to-Face Course** - **Day 1:** Course starts at 10:00 AM, including basic science and production. (Held concurrently with the workshop) - **Day 2:** Technical Examination starts at 11:00 AM. **Taking the Exam after Completing an Online Course** - Enjoy the online course at home. - **Preferred Date:** Technical test starts at 11:00... Read More
Registration Process
1. After registration, we will ship the necessary art materials a few days before the technical test. 2. On the day of the exam, please bring your art materials with you to take the exam. 3. If you pass, the office will issue you your own instructor ID and password. - You will have the freedom to conduct workshops and other activities. - Instructors are provided with art materials at special prices. - We also offer a variety of leaf materials for techniques beyond the online courses.
For Those Interested in Instructor Certification
**Meeting Time: 11:00** 1. Arrange and color lotus leaves and Indian Bodhi tree leaves on a connected wooden panel measuring 41 cm x 82 cm. 2. At 15:00, we will photograph your work for evaluation. 3. At 15:30, results will be announced. - Those who do not pass may retake the exam or attend supplementary lessons to progress towards passing. - The decision of pass or fail is made by the administrative office, focusing on techniques rather than artistic choices like color schemes, which are not judged. 4. Dismissal is scheduled for 16:00. *If you decide on the day of the workshop to... Read More
Materials for the Technical Exam
1. Wooden panel: 41 cm x 82 cm (connected) 2. Acrylic cover: 41 cm x 82 cm 3. Acrylic cover decorative screw set 4. Six lotus leaves 5. Sixteen leaves of Indian Bodhi tree
About the Technical Exam
This exam serves as an opportunity to confirm the techniques learned through our correspondence courses and to address any detailed concerns. It allows participants to see a workshop in action, understand the flow, and get acquainted with the materials while absorbing various aspects of the craft. Approach this exam with a relaxed mindset. Many have successfully started teaching as partner instructors after passing this exam. However, some may need to retake the exam, particularly in mastering the application techniques of the Indian Bodhi tree and lotus, which are critical standards for... Read More
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